Funky Christmas

After you've gone to all your obligatory family events on Christmas, be sure to head over to the Spring Street Tavern, where DJs Shannon Blowtorch and So Supreme will be spinning at Funky Christmas. Blowtorch promises that guests will hear all the funky X-mas jams from James Brown, Run DMC, and many more soul and hip-hop artists throughout the night (she even has a few holiday Snoop songs up her sleeve). The DJs will start out the night with soul, funk, and classic underground hip hop; then roll on to new-school and old-school hip hop. So Supreme and Shannon Blowtorch are a fine team, and they'll be working off each other, sometimes playing back to back, feeding on the energy of the room. So Supreme likes old-school jams, but is a damn good scratcher/beat juggler as well, according to Blowtorch, who for her part will be playing things like dance hall, Reggaeton, electro, '80s, retro, and rock. The venue has a dance floor, and there'll be some DJ lighting—possibly video projections—and pretty cheap drinks, including a $2.75 PBR Tall Boys/Girls special. (Photo by L*u*z*A)
Sat., Dec. 25, 9 p.m., 2010

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