Fun. hail from NYC, are a trio, and make swollen, pompous pop-rock their self-amused métier. Just what everybody needs now, right? It just may be, after all: Seriously, you shrug off their gleeful roadhouse pianos and Queen-y stadium gestures and genial AM manners and crowd-pleasing string overtures at your peril. I say this because, if all things are equal, fun.—and yep, that name wreaks havoc on word-processing system capitalization and grammar settings even as it doubles as a too-easy characterization of what these boys so ably pull off—possess the tunes, moxie, and utter likeability to barnstorm the limitless-platform media apparatus if given a quarter of a chance. Plus, they're obviously huge Ben Folds fans. All ages.
Fri., Sept. 25, 5 p.m., 2009

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