Fujiya & Miyagi

To put this to rest once and for all: Fujiya & Miyagi are neither Japanese nor a duo. They are a trio of Brighton-bred Brits who follow in the complicated, very large footsteps of Kraut-rockers like Neu! and Can, and New Wave bands such as the Talking Heads. They dovetail nicely with contemporaries Hot Chip and Aphex Twin. This may sound a bit scattered and unfocused, but the inventive details they smear on the edges (playful synth flourishes here and there; bouncy, galloping bass lines; lyrics delivered in a harsh whisper) and the sheer will they have to make the crowd dance along (even though this isn't necessarily dance music) erase any doubts about their abilities (and even raise the bar a bit, to be honest). The stretched syllables, trilled "Rs," and spidery, sometimes haunting guitar riffs throughout their newest album, Transparent Things, add to the overall aesthetic, and make F&M one of the most promising bands of late.
Sat., Oct. 6, 8 p.m., 2007

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