Fucked Up

Every year punk gets just a little closer to becoming an ossified, backwards-looking $40-coffee-table-book genre, and every year a vital vanguard of bands do their damnedest to keep that from happening. Toronto's Fucked Up is one of those bands, a group that started out at the beginning of the decade cranking out a succession of provocative, anarchist/situationist-themed 7" and 12" singles and EPs that grew increasingly experimental and heavy over time. By the time their first full-length Hidden World was released in 2006, Fucked Up had stretched out into moments of psych, Krautrock and even hints of prog, an adventurousness that manifested itself even more sprawlingly on last year's lauded The Chemistry of Common Life. But that doesn't make their music any less confrontational -- it's still hardcore at its roots, delivered at full blast with the leafblower voice of Pink Eyes hanging on the lyrical precipice of survival and damnation. Their shows aren't beard-stroking stand-around affairs, either; Fucked Up concerts are said to have some of the most intense, room-demolishing pits around. This gig comes a day after the vinyl release of their new single Year of the Rat, so expect some new revelations amidst the chaos. With the Nina! the Pinta!. 18+
Wed., April 8, 9 p.m., 2009

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