Fuck Knights (EP-Release)

Armed with a loud bass, a louder, pencil-strummed guitar and a deceptively stripped-down drumkit, the Fuck Knights have spent the past couple years proudly upholding the hallowed tradition of EZ-setup portable scuzz-rock. Just set 'em up on the floor, wait for the crowd gather around and let 'er rip -- perfect for basement shows or VFW halls or anywhere the situation calls for '60s-vintage garage riffs with a deranged and blown-out modern appeal. Put 'em on a somewhat bigger stage -- like, for example, the Triple Rock -- and they still have room-filling power to spare, the kind of raw stuff that singes every tape it gets committed to (Exhibits A and B being the first two volumes of their FuKn Live! series). Tonight's show celebrates the release of a new four-song EP, and given tracks like the Mummies-rampage "Kristina!" and the hobnail boot stomp "Teenage Wasteland", the asskick-to-record-length ratio should be firmly in the listener's favor. With Kill the Vultures, the Gleam, Coltrane Motion. (Photo by jeremiah3)
Sat., Nov. 14, 9 p.m., 2009

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