Rana May Image courtesy event organizers


Fuck 2017: A Roast of 2017

Dec. 27
7:30 p.m.
Benefits,Parties,Receptions, Comedy, Holiday, DJ

In 2017, everybody turned out to be a sexual predator, the president tried (and still is trying) to get the country blown up by “Little Rocket Man,” and the new Eminem album was horrible. Yeah, 2017 was a real dumpster fire... which is unfortunate as this time last year many thought that 2016 was the worst. We were so cute, so naive. This Wednesday, Rana May and Drew Janda will once again lead a hilarious lineup of comics—including Carly Wicks, Mary Jo Pehl, Tommy Ryman, Moe Yaqub, Jordan Casner, Grace Thomas, and John Gebratatose—as they reflect on how 2017 was the year we learned that Garrison Keillor was a pervy tool, Kevin Spacey’s house of cards came crashing down for real, and that kid who broke our hearts crying over bullying turned out to be the spawn of white supremacists. DJ Paper Sleeves will do his best to keep things upbeat despite the fact that this is one part comedy show, one part funeral, and one part intervention. Come laugh, cry, get drunk, and do your best to put this year in the rearview before we move on to whatever new horrors await us in 2018. 21+.