Fu Manchu

Though they may have focused on a heavier, harsher sound on their last two records (2004's Start the Machine and 2007's We Must Obey), the stoner-rock elder statesmen of Fu Manchu have returned to a sound akin to their skater-punk roots with the release of Signs of Infinite Power. No strangers to waves of smoldering effects, classic-rock swagger, or heavily distorted guitars, the four members of the band have carried on the tradition that was established in the late '80s. There's a unique relationship between the California-based rockers and legendary bands such as Thin Lizzy and the Blue Oyster Cult. As older fans of the classic-rock patriarchs look for a modern solution to satisfy their rock 'n' roll itch, Fu Manchu have repeatedly appeared over the years with new music that cures the craving. The same goes for new fans of the band looking back beyond their years: Fu Manchu have been able to guide them toward decades of musicians who helped shape the face of modern guitar rock. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you may be on, or even if you're just a curious outsider looking in, there are few better modern examples of heavy bands playing today whose reach is so wide. With ASG and It's Casual.
Fri., Oct. 30, 8 p.m., 2009

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