Frontier Preachers

In "Frontier Preachers," 11 artists from New Orleans reexamine the landscape surrounding their portion of the Mighty Mississippi. Curated by Jayme McLellan of Civilian Art Projects in Washington, D.C., this show explores the duality of the river. There's the bad: pollution, economic overdependence, and government failure during and following Hurricane Katrina. And there's the good: natural beauty, community, and rebirth after disaster. These topics are delved into through paintings, installations, and sculptures. Srdjan Loncar's layered suitcase stacks suggest not only homelessness and the baggage carried by survivors, but also a journey into the future. Sally Heller's sculpture Uprooted plays with similar themes. A colorful webbing and root system hangs from iridescent poles, as if they could blow away or re-root at any given moment. David Sullivan's painting Sunset Refinery shows a dark shadow moving into the light, indicating that there might be a sunrise as well.
June 6-July 26, 2009

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