Frog Eyes

If Tom Waits and Neil Young were in their late 20s or early 30s in 2010, they would without a doubt be doing what Frog Eyes are doing: volatile, nihilistic lo-fi rock that comes from the heart and cuts to the bone. In the field in which Carey Mercer and company play, there is a fine line between inspired and insipid, but Frog Eyes never cross into the latter, at the same time never—even for a fraction of a second—playing it safe. Every inch of their new record, Paul's Tomb: A Triumph, is elegant, punishing chaos, with Mercer's frenetic, almost inconceivably intense vocals at the forefront of the monsoon. Frog Eyes aren't necessarily the most accessible band, but that's also sort of the point: Not everyone wants to watch someone barely survive a jump from an airplane without a parachute, but the people who do are thrilled as much by the triumph as they are by the prospect of it all going awry at the very last second. Frog Eyes dangle at the precipice of gory disaster from the outset, and while they arrive safe (more or less), the adrenaline-sapping trip is one that can't be forgotten. With Pearly Gates Music. 18+.
Thu., June 10, 8 p.m., 2010

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