Freezepop is an aptly named synth-pop band from Boston—a bit icy, difficult to really sink your teeth into, but ultimately sweet, melty, and satisfying. Bandmates Liz Enthusiasm, Sean T. Drinkwater, Robert John "Bananas" Foster, and Christmas Disco-Marie Sagan (guess which one is a name a mother gave) ply numerous electronic instruments to produce a neo-disco sound that's melodic, a shade darker than mainstream, and utterly addictive—especially on "Less Talk More Rokk," a Europop ditty about basement shows reminiscent of French band Air. The enthusiastic Liz bounces and sways, coolly cantillating in English, French, and Japanese. Drinkwater and Foster bring understated energy (and irony) to the ubiquitous keytars. Those who seek the usual synth-pop soulfulness (i.e. Air or Ladytron), take note: Freezepop's lyrics are witty at best, and at worst, puddle-deep. But this isn't music for thinking, it's music for dancing. And dance, we assure you, you will. With the Echoing Green, Trapezoids, and Ficshe. 18+. (Photo by Carla Richmond)
Tue., June 7, 7 p.m., 2011

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