Free First Saturdays

This Saturday at the Walker is all about Frida: her inspirations, her favorite activities, and her art. As usual, this free first Saturday features artistic activities that are family-friendly and seek to supplement, enlighten, and inspire both young and old to learn more about current exhibits at the Walker. Activities today include self-guided tours with a treasure hunt in both Spanish and English, as well as a screening of Surrealist shorts that draw influence from themes also found in Kahlo's work. Those seeking to create art can make retablos and ex-votos—small shrines celebrating people who have overcome adversity—or participate in a game of Exquisite Corpse, where people take turns adding elements to a piece of art until the project is complete. If the kiddies get too riled up on ideas and intellectual pursuits, you can wear them out with a Kids' Disco where they can burn off excess energy hopping about to world tunes.
Sat., Jan. 5, 2008

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