Freddie Gibbs

June 23
8 p.m.

As lyrical as he is gangster, Gary, Indiana’s Freddie Gibbs is one of the most beloved contemporary rappers without a Hot 100 hit, his sizable fan base admiring him for his street storytelling and technical abilities as an MC. Gibbs first made his name with a run of mixtapes in the mid- and late 2000s before finally releasing his debut album, ESGN, in 2013. The following year he and eccentric producer Madlib put out the psychedelic and funky Piñata, one of the decade’s best underground rap LPs. Gibbs followed it up with 2015’s varied Shadow of a Doubt, and earlier this year issued You Only Live 2wice, his first project since he was acquitted of sexual assault charges and released after four months in prison in Europe. As a result of his artistic resurrection, You Only Live 2wice is filled with some of Gibbs’ most inspired and detailed writing ever, particularly on lead single “Crushed Glass,” where he describes his overseas incarceration as an almost traumatizing experience. With Jon Connor and Mac Irv.