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Frankie Quinones

Daily from March 6-10
8 p.m.
Daily from March 9-10
10:30 p.m.

“My standup is a lot of storytelling and a lot of voices,” says comedian Frankie Quinones, who makes his Minneapolis debut this week. “When I started doing standup I did some character work, and I would do those live onstage.” He also started making videos, which he still produces, featuring the various characters. “In the beginning they probably weren’t very good,” he laughs, “but the characters started developing.” Those characters are based primarily on family, friends, and people Quinones grew up around. “What I’ve been doing onstage lately,” he explains, “is I’ll do a set as myself, then a set as my character Juanita Carmelita, and then I do a set as Creeper, the fitness instructor. I come up onstage three different times at shows.” He estimates he has seven solid characters in his repertoire, and is developing more. “I love people-watching, but most of the characters are based on people I’ve met. I’ve met some pretty interesting people.” 18+.