Frankie Bones

When local techno mastermind Woody McBride had a hand in throwing massive all-night parties in the Twin Cities, he called some of them "dance marathons," tests of stamina featuring a roster of globetrotting DJs and a ribcage-rattling sound system. Now that the climate for those kinds of parties has changed, McBride has taken to more intimate events but has retained both the caliber of talent and levels of bass that made his previous shows so special. This time around, he's stacking up the speakers for a legend, NYC DJ and producer Frankie Bones, a figure who played a seminal role in shaping the rave scene of the early '90s. Even if the days (and nights) of dancing until dawn in filthy warehouses are over, McBride aims to conjure up some of that old magic, an experience immersed in the power of techno's primal thump. If you're new to that experience, remember your earplugs—it's going to get loud. With DJ Werk, DJ Bent, the Push, and DJ Mike Hawk. 18+. (Photo by Alkivar)
Fri., Nov. 20, 7 p.m., 2009

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