Frank Warren

Post Secret is one of the most widely read blogs on the internet. Confessors who wish to participate merely have to mail in a postcard confessing a secret. The brainchild of Frank Warren, Post Secret was originally a small community project that became a traveling art show. Today, Post Secret has received almost 200,000 secrets. A brief skimming of the weekly blog or one of many Post Secret book collections reads like the inner dialogue one might imagine running through the heads of people when in a crowd. Some are tragic (I wish the drugs would stop I could cry again), some are forgiving (I don't miss you anymore daddy, I miss the daddy you could have been), some are humorous (My Mom's mullet always embarrasses me!), some neurotic (I hang the clothes I like best with my favorite hangers...but I feel bad for the shirts I give bad hangers to)—the span of emotions goes on and on. Frank Warren, a suicide hotline counselor, hopes that confessors find the process of constructing a card, sending it in, and seeing it in print a cathartic experience. He is currently touring the country promoting the latest collection of confessions, A Lifetime of Secrets. Call Common Good Books at 651.225.8989 for more info.
Mon., Oct. 29, 7 p.m., 2007

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