Found Footage Festival vs. Found Magazine

Some things just aren't meant to last. Cable-access call-in shows, oddly phrased "LOST PET" flyers, instructional videos for obsolete technologies, birthday cards for vague workplace acquaintances—they're all made to be of a certain brief moment, whether it's a time-filling graveyard slot on some faraway channel or a fleeting attempt at impersonal note-passing communication. But everything's permanent on the internet, and the ephemera business is booming thanks to two institutions in particular, both of which hint at the act of accidental excavation in their very names. FOUND Magazine and the Found Footage Festival both had their hazy origins sometime in the early '00s, and they both traffic in the sometimes-illicit, sometimes-embarrassing charge of vicariously experiencing something mysterious and weird that never meant to find so many eyes. And where FOUND often gets its pull from the odd melancholy of personal, often private moments accidentally left in the open, the Found Footage Festival lives and dies on the comedy of people who wanted to publicly immortalize themselves to a viewing audience without necessarily realizing or caring how ridiculous they actually looked. Maybe that's why this show's pitted more as a showdown than a team-up, but there's no reason to take up sides when the two parties' strange discoveries pair so well.
Mon., Nov. 14, 7 p.m., 2011

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Heights Theater

3951 Central Ave. NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421


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