Found Footage Festival

Seven years after they first started putting their horrors-of-VHS show on the road, Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have found themselves at the forefront of an odd corner of entertainment—one that hinges on unearthing the most awkward archival video finds known to man. One of the Found Footage Festival's earliest sensations, a series of profane outtakes from a Winnebago infomercial featuring an exasperated, foul-mouthed salesman named Jack Rebney, helped bring rise to indie-doc sensation Winnebago Man. And their latest DVD, filmed live in Milwaukee and released last winter, features humiliating pet videos, an instructional tape on getting revenge hosted by Linda Blair, misguided business seminars, and a guest spot by comedy genius and Mr. Show alum Bob Odenkirk. Like the DVDs, the FFF stage show involves some snappy skits, the occasional surprise appearance (sometimes from one of the videos' subjects), and a lot of comedic discomfort best experienced in the presence of a couple hundred other people who can't believe what spectacular inanity folks are capable of when a camcorder is pointed at them. Tonight's event features a special pre-show screening of one of the most legendary pieces of VHS ephemera, the cult mini-documentary Heavy Metal Parking Lot.
Sun., April 24, 8 p.m., 2011

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