Melissa Hesse


Fool for Love

Every Thu., Fri., and Sat. from Aug. 24-Sept. 16
8 p.m.
Every Wed. from Sept. 6-16
8 p.m.
Daily from Aug. 27-28
8 p.m.
$34-$39; $15 for those under 30

With the recent passing of iconic playwright Sam Shepard, Dark & Stormy Productions’ previously scheduled staging can’t help but take on an added sense of gravitas. Shepard was a towering figure in contemporary drama whose incisive works are often marked by a volatility reflecting the tumultuous yearnings of desperate and disillusioned people. Nowhere are these passions depicted so turbulently as in Fool for Love. The scorching anti-romance finds on-again, off-again lovers Eddie and May in a tawdry motel on the outskirts of the desert. Though drawn to one another, both are paradoxically repulsed by the reckless desire that locks them in a dysfunctional paralysis. Driven by Shepard’s lacerating dialogue, the combative sparring has become known as a prime showcase for exceptionally daring performers. In this regard, Dark & Stormy has stacked the deck in casting James Rodríguez and Sara Marsh, two of the most electrifying actors in the Twin Cities, in the leading roles. With supporting turns from Antonio Duke and Patrick Coyle, this Mel Day-directed production intends to pay tribute to Shepard by fully realizing the searing intimacy that his work so brazenly embraced. For tickets, call Dark & Stormy at 612-401-4506 or visit