Folklore Remix

Every Thu., Fri., and Sat. from July 9-30
Time Varies
free; closing reception $8-$10
Art, Galleries, Music
Minnesotan, Mexican, and Central American mythologies dovetail, and are mixed and reimagined via a street-art sensibility in this exhibition showcasing new work by Rodrigo Oñate, Luis Fitch, and Repo. Icons and narratives manifest in wheat-paste and paint, digital prints, and hand-cut paper. Color and imagery burst forth with spiritual vivacity and cultural resonance. These three artists navigate the pop-, street-, and high-culture of the Americas with panache, originating works that energetically bring to the fore a new aesthetic born of a generation unafraid to rethink cultures, boundaries, and canon. There will be an opening reception from 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday, July 9.