Five-Fifths of Sherlock Holmes

There's always room for a good detective story, and this year's Fringe Festival-instigated theatrical deconstruction turns its eye to "A Study in Scarlet," a Sherlock Holmes story by Arthur Conan Doyle. As in years past, five artistic entities are each assigned one-fifth of the story and generally allowed to do what they like (the performance genesis of David Mann's Corleone came out of a Five-Fifths of the Godfather). This year's conspirators are Tom Reed (creator of last year's Fringe hit Harry Potter adaptation), Theatre Unbound, Park Square Theatre, Milwaukee dancers Monica Rodero and Dan Schuchart, and Joshua Scrimshaw and Levi Weinhagen (creators of the Fringe detective story The Harty Boys in the Case of the Limping Platypus). As always, the endeavor should involve boundary-pushing, some friendly competition, and a spirit of play and fun.
Mondays, 7:30 p.m. Starts: May 3. Continues through May 3, 2010

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