First Communion Afterparty

With a sonic presence adoringly reminiscent of the Capitol Records vault, First Communion Afterparty have spent the last three years maturing from wunderkind devotees of all things vintage into an amorphous, multi-instrumental collective that belongs neither to the past nor to the present, but to some alternate chronology where Ian Curtis and John Cale furiously swap spit and Andy Warhol's camera never stops rolling. With only a limited vinyl release of live material to document their vision quest, FCAP have finally decided to sate their fans' appetites with a full-blown EP release, confoundingly titled Sorry for All the Mondays, and to Those Who Can't Sing. This is a band in which ideas are exchanged as freely as band members, and as with a 45 you discover at an estate sale, dropping the needle on an FCAP record is thrillingly akin to exploring a familiar room in brand new light. With Flavor Crystals. 18+.
Sat., July 12, 8 p.m., 2008

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