Fiery Furnaces

Consider yourselves forewarned: In a live setting, your favorite Fiery Furnaces songs may seem markedly different from the studio versions you've become so accustomed to. They might be performed with different arrangements. They could feature odd vocal or genre inflections. They will probably arrive squished together alongside several other songs in a slapdash, whirlwind medley. Chicagoland-bred siblings Eleanor (vocals) and Matthew Friedberger (everything else) have long enjoyed prodding, twisting, and distending their untamed, indie-pop playthings in public, and as the duo's recorded oeuvre deepens, the opportunities to tinker only multiply. Widow City, the Furnaces' latest ode to the joys of a hyperactive, too-literate, globe-trotting imagination, favors a hearty classic-guitar rock sound over the usual spasms of synthesizer/keyboard goo (and is unusually concise). When the Friedbergers hit the stage tonight, expect everything you just read to be gleefully thrown out the window.
Fri., Oct. 12, 8 p.m., 2007

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