Their name loosely translates as "crazy fire" and refers to the conflagrations that sometimes break out in the swamps of their native southwest Louisiana. It also applies to the sizzling spirit with which this sextet approaches Cajun music; that is, as thrill-seeking neo-traditionalists bristling with unquenchable energy and a maverick streak sufficient to lure time-honored roots into the 21st century with subtle touches from the contemporary realm. All this from a band with startling youth: Drummer Michael Stafford is just now graduating from high school, the rest are barely in their 20s. Accordionist Chris Stafford and fiddler Chris Segura founded the group when their ages had less than two digits. But any novelty of being a kid band has long since faded as its members have acquired awards for their instrumental prowess and wowed with their innovative arrangements. Feufollet's latest album, Cow Island Hop (Valcour), is an impressive collection of traditional stuff and originals, ranging from a deeply emotional reading of Dennis McGee's piece "Chère Bébé Créole" to a nearly salacious version of "Femme L'A Dit" slathered in dirty horns.
Sat., June 7, 8 p.m., 2008

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