Fathom Lane

In the dark lounge of the Pearl Recording Studio in Northeast Minneapolis, Michael Ferrier of Fathom Lane contemplates where his band was a year ago. "We had just released our first album and were excited to get back in the studio. We wanted them to be in quick succession of another. That's the beauty of indie-rock; we set our own deadlines." The beauty is also that a musician can move in a new direction without having to answer to anyone. On their sophomore self-titled album, the band comes back with songs that re-imagine the well-worn rules of pop music. Many of the songs on Fathom Lane have been around for years, having been kicked around to the point where Michael felt he just needed to make them work. He says, "I want to make records, because that's the part where I have the most fun -- the writing and recording. I have a son now who's two and every minute I'm away from him, I have to be productive." Ferrier is not new to the music scene, having made a name for himself playing saxophone in his old band, Electropolis. That didn't deter him from eventually playing music that he felt he was always meant to make. The singer is a self-proclaimed late-bloomer, and at this stage in his life, feels like he has finally found his voice with Fathom Lane. (Photo by Tony Nelson)
Fri., Jan. 17, 8 p.m., 2014

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