Fashion Feud

Designers often have to work at a quick pace under stressful conditions. So what happens when you ask them to create fashion in front of an audience? Well, that would be the little-known ratings hit called Project Runway. But hey, not everyone can afford the cable to watch it. Fashion Feud takes a little bit of inspiration from Runway for this free night of live fashion and fun. A monthly competition that will culminate in a final showdown, each event will feature two designers, two models, and a big bag of supplies. Designers are given an hour to create a textile confection out of the fabric provided, scissors, needles, thread, and a few accessories. When time's up, models parade before the audience, and the winner is crowned based on audience approval. For the series debut, local clothing designers Red Shoe Clothing Co. and Laura Fulk will compete against each other. Red Shoe Clothing Co.'s spring 2008 line featured darkly-hued dresses and pants, leather harnesses, and t-shirts with a rock 'n' roll vibe. Laura Fulk's recent works have included brightly colored duds with a bit of a burlesque feel, while others have a more tribal aesthetic; one recent piece had the magical ability to make checkered fabric appear as though it belonged on the Serengeti. 18+.
Wed., Feb. 25, 7 p.m., 2009

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