Farheed Haque Group

A virtuoso musician who has studied both jazz and classical guitar, Fareed Haque took his Pakistani/Chilean heritage as only a starting point for immersing himself in an apparently limitless—and certainly borderless—array of global music. If he has any particular preference, it's for a variety of Miles-derived jazz-fusion that incorporates copious measures of funk and raga. But the amazingly prolific Haque is just as likely to be playing Latin music, composing classical concertos, collaborating with classical orchestras, or flirting with rock. His pursuit of wicked grooves includes leading the all-star jazz-funk jam band Garaj Mahal. This larger Fareed Haque Group includes drummers, tabla players, a keyboardist, and violinist, all fine jazz musicians who also like to rock out and span the wide world with Zappa-esque ingenuity.
Fri., May 16, 8 p.m., 2008

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