Fabulous Non Grata: The Moveable Feast

You can probably name the events you've been to that involve both good music and good food on, what, one hand? What's the last concert you went to where you were able to eat anything other than Frito-Lays or the equivalent of a Totino's pizza? When's the last time Andrew Bird played over your langoustine at La Belle Vie? Badass tunes and kickass eats are a shamefully underutilized union. The folks over at Gastro Non Grata know this, and they know this well. The group is nobly working on upping your encounters with the two, and Friday's installment will be no exception. This time around they've teamed up with the ladies over at Fabulous Catering for an event they've coined "Fabulous Non Grata." If you've been to any of their events over the last couple of years, you know that an evening with them is something special. Fabulous Catering will be serving up truffles, grass-fed beef chili, bruschetta, and a queso fundito made with PBR (there will be a build-your-own satay bar on the scene as well), all to the tunes of the Chord and the Fawn, Dreamland Faces, and Dark Dark Dark. For $20, it's a steal. Take note: The event will be held at the catering headquarters instead of its usual home at the Triple Rock Social Club. Call 612.789.4244 to RSVP or visit www.fabulouscatering.com for more info.
Fri., Jan. 8, 7 p.m.-midnight, 2010

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