Extreme Race Day

Have you ever stood near a racetrack and watched the horses run by at top speed? There's the thundering of hooves felt through the ground, the quickening of the heart as the crowd roars, and the urge to crane your neck to see who finishes first. Though the name might indicate otherwise, Extreme Race Day at Canterbury Park is not one of these types of events. However, watching ostriches, camels, and other creatures not typically known for their powerful legs or racing abilities will be pretty amusing. Rather than animals running at high speeds toward the finish line, there will probably be weaving, casual strides, and perhaps even a little backtracking, depending on the whims of each beast. Though there will be no gambling on these wacky runs, Daffy Ostrich and Sahara Sam are rumored to be favorites. There will also be special horse races featuring unusual distances, surfaces, and matchups.
Sun., Aug. 9, 1:30-6 p.m., 2009

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