Explosions in the Sky

Sept. 9
8 p.m.
Indie Rock

The seventh and latest album from Explosions in the Sky, April’s The Wilderness, has been widely praised as their best in more than a decade. But that doesn’t give enough credit to the Texas instrumental rockers’ discography that dates back to 2000. Between their studio albums and soundtracks for films like 2004’s Friday Night Lights, they’re one of instrumental rock’s most enduring bands. While they’re known for their unorthodox lineup of three guitarists (one of whom, Michael James, sometimes plays bass) and an incredibly powerful drummer (Chris Hrasky), the band’s sound has always been broader than a simple breakdown of their instrumental roles might suggest. They're constantly finding new ways to evoke crystalline beauty and melancholy, sometimes simultaneously. The group’s signature quiet-to-loud swells and climaxes continue to work wonders for them, as The Wilderness’ “Disintegration Anxiety” and “Colors in Space” rank as all-time great EITS songs. Meanwhile, other, shorter tracks function as some of the chillest ambient music they’ve ever made. With Lower Dens.