Everything Is Terrible!: The Great Satan

Feb. 19
8 p.m.
Barhopping, Film

Want to see something weird? The most terrifying and hilarious found-footage show is back with a new full-length movie, The Great Satan. For the past decade, the EIT crew has scoured the Earth, searching for the best/worst home videos, D-list films, and dated infomercials. For their latest offering, they’ve taken things one step further, making a deal with the devil himself to piece together the remnants of over 2,000 videos into a recontextualized narrative. In other words, they made a big, weird movie out of smaller, shitty movies. The film is completely insane, featuring religious zealots, evangelical ducks, Muppet-like monsters, and horned demons. If that’s not enough to completely freak you out, the live show features real-life monsters (or guys in costumes with golden VHS tapes around their necks). Whether you’re down for a little Satan worship or you just want to see a bunch of grown adult men scream and cry about how Dungeons & Dragons can summon actual horned demons, carve a pentagram in your chest and come out to St. Paul. All ages.