Fact, Fiction, Fringe at Bakken Promo image


Evenings at the Bakken: Fact, Fiction, Fringe

Oct. 19
5:30-9 p.m.
$12; free for members
Art, Barhopping, Holiday, Museums, Speakers

At this creepy adults-only open house, the Bakken invites attendees to take a deep dive into the less-defined areas of science, examining weird contraptions, questionable medical devices, and too-good-to-be-true items sold by traveling snake-oil salesmen. There will also be opportunities to play with odd items in the museum’s collection. Try the glass armonica, a series of glass bowls that can be played like a music instrument. Invented by Benjamin Franklin, the piece eventually fell out of favor because it was believed to infuse listeners with a persistent melancholy. Learn a little bit about Franz Mesmer, a German doctor whose technique, dubbed mesmerization, was a precursor to hypnotism. Discover the world of ASMR and find out why certain sounds can make people’s heads tingle. Design your own lodestone necklace, a naturally magnetic mineral that was used to orientate cemeteries and temples thousands of years ago. Test your science knowledge with Trivia Mafia, and learn about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Eat Street Social will be serving food, cocktails, wine, and beer. Find tickets and more info at