People probably won't expect a lot of upbeat tunes from a group called the Eulogies—and they would be correct to assume this. Lead vocalist Peter Walker takes the band's name quite seriously: "The name, for me, represents the saying of the unsaid, the voicing of the unexpressed, to someone you care about." This sentiment carries through their self-titled debut album. In "Compromise," for example, Walker moans as a relationship draws to an end: "I'm not a good friend, don't you know I tried my best to make it/All we are is hollow in the end." Though there is something definitely mournful about the Eulogies, the three-member band evokes a sense that they have reached the "loss, yet acceptance" stage of the process. Reverb and reflection seem wedded to the Eulogies' mellow guitars; the drum is like a slow and steady heartbeat. One senses that they've been through the other phases of grief, including anger and denial, and now that they've already cried themselves to sleep, they're ready for a groggy, introspective morning cigarette in the rain. With Film School and Land of Talk. 18+.
Sat., Nov. 3, 7 p.m., 2007

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