Ethan Canin

If you're just not getting enough politics in the news, and you want to infuse your summer reading with scandal, ideals, and wealthy politicians, America America is for you. Celebrated author Ethan Canin's first new work of fiction in seven years tells the familiar story of a boy from a humble family getting sucked into the world of politics and wealth. As the Vietnam War rages and Nixon falters, narrator Corey Sifter learns firsthand just how seedy politics and money can be while he works on Sen. Henry Bonwiller's presidential campaign. Sifter is age 50 at the time of the narration, and uses Bonwiller's death as an excuse to rehash the events that took place during his time in the senator's camp, which include Bonwiller killing an aide in a car crash. Sound familiar? It's more than a bit Ted Kennedy-esque. Nonetheless, Canin uses rich language and scenes to fold the reader into the center of his slightly re-imagined America. Given its hefty size and weighty subject matter, America America is not exactly a good choice for the beach, but it certainly has summer reruns beat.
Wed., July 30, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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