Xavier Tavera


Espejos y Reflejos / Mirrored Reflections

April 21
6-9 p.m.
Art, Galleries, Political, Speakers

Four Latinx artists will gather at Wing Young Huie’s Third Place Gallery on Saturday for a talk on how the Minnesota arts community can grapple with issues surrounding migration, borders, and culture. The panel, titled “Espejos y Reflejos/Mirrored Reflections,” will be moderated by professor Karen Mary Davalos from the University of Minnesota’s department of Chicano and Latino Studies. Local artists Olivia Levins Holden, Dougie Padilla, Maria Cristina Tavera, and Xavier Tavera all participated in a monoprinting workshop, organized by the Groupo Soap del Corazón, at the Segura Arts Studio in South Bend, Indiana. They’ll be sharing their ideas at the talk, and Third Place will also exhibit their workshop pieces in a show curated by Maria Cristina Tavera. If you care about the increasingly dangerous plight of immigrants in this country, and how art can play a role in borders and migration, come for the discussion and stay for the reception.