Equinox: A New World Language

This brand-new gallery space is a collaboration between 33 Design Gallery and MPLS Deth Crew. Their past team efforts include the horror-movie themed group show, "Gods and Monsters." For the premiere show in this Lyn-Lake gallery, they have invited 10 artists/artist groups to come together to create a 1,500-square-foot installation. For the project artists were asked to consider themes of "rebirth, mash-ups, and tessellations." Based on that description, we're expecting the piece to have a bit of a street-art M.C. Escher vibe, with vampires. The creation began last Wednesday, and artists will be working around the clock until Saturday (a.k.a. the vernal equinox). Participants include Erin Sayer, Danny Sigelman, Kara Hendershot, Top Gun Familia, and others. The opening reception from 8 p.m. to midnight this Saturday, March 20 will feature a performance by dramatic horror-rockers Butcher's Bag.
March 20-April 15, 2010

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