Ephemeral Space: Mush, Mush, Masculinity

Given "Mush, Mush, Masculinity"'s duration, Ephemeral gallery's name couldn't be more fitting. But the 22-artist, one-night stand's drawings, paintings, photos, sculptures, video works, and installations offer enough girth to render questions of length moot. While points of view vary widely, synergies abound: Scared shitless, yet ready to attack, the two shirtless boys in Kate Anderson's Fear could easily grow up to become the middle-aged duo in the second half of Pamela Valfer's Guns, Guns, Guns, getting a few rounds off at the range for an audience of ghostly teddy bears and snowmen. The spectral symbols of innocence lost also haunt the pencil-intensive diptych's first section, observing a dead ringer for William Burroughs circa his cameo in Ministry's Just One Fix video, shotgun and all. A fashion show with stuff for guys fleshes out the event. 8:00 p.m. to late.
Sat., Sept. 8

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