England Swings VI

Anglophiles unite! The brainchild of longtime local musician Raven (a.k.a. the Duke of Dark) and emceed this year by HowWasTheShow.com kingpin David de Young, England Swings has grown from a curiosity into one of the most sought-after tickets of the year. Local (and some out-of-town) bands take the stage to perform a selection of their favorite songs by Brit-born musicians. The choices are always interesting and sometimes outright awe-inspiring (the Alarmists doing Bowie and cementing their reputation as hot-shit badasses last year, anyone?). This year Aviette, Coyotes, So It Goes, Maudlin, and several others will be covering their chosen Brit-pop, Brit-rock, and if we're lucky, maybe some grime or 2-step as well. This year's "who's covering who" seems to be shrouded in a bit of mystery—which only adds allure to the night. Stuff a cockney dictionary in your pocket next to a hip flask full of gin, pick a favorite football team, remember that the Sex Pistols started punk (not the Ramones), and you'll be well on your way to having a grand old time with your bird or chap. 21+.
Sat., May 17, 8 p.m., 2008

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