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Emo Philips

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Emo Philips is a comedy icon and one of America’s foremost joke writers. It’s no surprise that he has trouble picking his favorite joke. “That’s like asking a mom, ‘What’s your favorite kid?’ he says. “Obviously, the ones that slip out the easiest.” Since his last appearance in town, Philips was on the series finale of Comedy Central series @midnight, and was in a clown show in Los Angeles. “I now and then sing and play woodwinds with my own band, Emo & the Emo-Philiacs,” he adds. Last year, he played a few musical numbers on Jackie Kashian’s podcast as part of her interview with two super fans who were following Phillips on tour. Among the things that kept him busy off stage this year was the solar eclipse. “With a clear sky, in a forest near Carbondale,” he notes. “I am as rich as any emperor who has ever lived. All I expected was for it to get dark and for the birds to stop chirping. I would have been more than happy with that. I had zero idea of the surprise in store. Here’s what a clear-sky eclipse of the sun is like, smack dab in the path of totality: The day turns to night, the birds go quiet, and then, in the heavens, for two minutes, it’s exactly as if God is saying to you, ‘Hey, want to see the engagement ring that I got my girlfriend?’” 18+.