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Emma Willmann

Daily from July 5-8
8 p.m.
Daily from July 7-8
10:30 p.m.
Comedy, LGBTQ

“I don’t want to be a gay comic,” says comedian Emma Willmann. “I’m just a comic who talks about sex and the kind of sex I have—which could be interpreted as gay, could be interpreted as a lot of things.” Indeed, onstage she does discuss coming out to her mother, advising guy friends on threesomes, and how people say she resembles Ellen DeGeneres. “It’s always frustrating that people think I’m trying to look like Ellen DeGeneres,” she tells an audience, “when clearly I’m trying to look like Nick Carter.” She gets mistaken for the talk-show host and fellow comedian at least once a day. “Usually by someone in the homeless population; I don’t get the connection there. No one ever yells out, ‘Nick Carter!’ unfortunately.” She also talks about growing up in a small town in Maine. “In the town I grew up in we had one police officer, Scott,” she recalls. “He was great guy; I loved Scott. I was confused when I moved to New York City and everyone said, ‘We hate the police.’ You hate Scott? I love that guy!” 18+.