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Emily Galati

Daily from Sept. 24-25
8 p.m.

Emily Galati is a standup comedian from Arizona who relocated to Chicago to study improv. However, she continued to be drawn to standup and the control it provided. After a few years in the Windy City, she was headlining clubs across the country. Now based in Minneapolis, she continues to make a name for herself, riffing on her personal life and friends. “My pregnant friend called me and said she was going to have her baby at home,” Galati tells an audience. “That’s a disgusting way to lose your security deposit. That’s a difficult stain to explain. It was delivery, not DiGiorno.” Galati has no interest in having kids at this time in her life. “I’m a pretty big fan of birth control,” she adds, noting some people are against that for religious reasons. “Seriously? Not getting pregnant is the only thing I pray about. I go to church on Easter, Christmas, and if I’m a week late.”