Eliza Blue

Eliza Blue's music radiates a rare, ethereal beauty. Her earthy voice is almost inadvertently the dominant component of her songs, its delicacy and vulnerability so elegant as to be irresistibly charming. Influenced by the works of Gillian Welch and Leonard Cohen, the classically trained Blue enhances the bounty of her natural gifts with plaintive, poetic songwriting and simple instrumentation, accompanying herself on acoustic guitar, banjo, and violin in a manner that hearkens to Appalachia. Yet recording her new album on a single microphone in her attic was more a matter of shyness than it was an aesthetic decision. Fortunately, as the melancholy "Ask Me to Dance" amply demonstrates, it just so happens that such an aesthetic is the perfect means with which to unlock the full grace of Blue's music. With Aby Wolf joining her tonight to celebrate the release of the new record, entitled The Road Home, such beauty and grace should be doubly on display. All ages.
Fri., March 26, 7 p.m., 2010

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