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Eleanor Kerrigan

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Like many comics, Eleanor Kerrigan started out working in a comedy club—but not as performer. She waitressed at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles while pursuing an acting career. But she was naturally funny, and, at the behest of Andrew Dice Clay, she gave standup a shot. Before long, she was out on the road featuring for the Diceman. Onstage she talks a lot about her upbringing in south Philadelphia with nine siblings. “I was always hanging out with my brothers,” she tells an audience. “I didn’t know I was a girl until a week ago. Mostly because I’m still waiting to develop.” Her parents split up when she was nine years old, but she remained close with her father, which surprises a lot of people. “‘He left your mom with 10 kids,’ they say to me.” She explains, though, “We grew up in a row home. When he left I thought, ‘This is great, we need the room!’ I finally got a whole drawer.”