Sept. 8
8 p.m.
DJ, EDM, Electro Pop

Thirty-one-year-old Ghana native E.L has been calling himself “the best African rapper” for years, releasing three installments of his B.A.R. mixtape series in addition to a pair of studio albums. Bold as that proclamation may be, it undersells his artistry. Nominated for multiple Ghana Music Awards year after year, E.L is a polymath of musical styles. As a rap MC, he’s swaggering and affable. But those traits also transfer over to his expertise at crafting polychromatic Afropop, and his single biggest song, the B.A.R. 2 cut “Superhero,” is overtly EDM-influenced. Considering the transatlantic boost that artists like Drake have given African musicians in recent years, E.L is seemingly one big collaboration away from the breakthrough that Drizzy has provided to the likes of Nigeria’s Wizkid (with whom E.L has recorded). For now, E.L is a bona fide West African star who still has plenty of time to capture the worldwide recognition he’s due.