Eels mastermind E (Mark Oliver Everett, formally) issued three albums of new material in just over a year, essentially taking him from desolation to ecstasy. Hombre Lobo and End Times grappled with the multiple complications of primal lust and the devastation of romantic abandonment, respectfully, sometimes in excruciating detail. Tomorrow Morning, released in August, completes the trilogy with a somewhat unexpected wave of sunny optimism and renewed joie de vivre as E celebrates newfound love. E amazes himself with this unlikely outcome, musing in "Mystery of Life": "Pain in my heart twisting like a knife / disappeared just overnight." In contrast to the sometimes lacerating rock and raw minimalism that fueled his despair, E fashions a sound dominated by glowing electronics: soothing synth melodies; classical overtones sometimes juxtaposed with taut, percolating beats; arch counterpoint added to acoustic folk-like tunes; programmed rhythms giving a thumping heartbeat to E's satisfaction. Meanwhile, "I Like the Way This Is Going" unplugs for a simple, thoroughly alluring pop hook, and "Baby Loves Me" underscores E's giddy delight with a Devo-ish dash of punky adrenaline. E's a man as overwhelmed with his good fortune as he was with bad. Opening will be California singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop, a former nanny for Tom Waits's kids, whose enchanting album Hunting My Dress is an idiosyncratic, category-defying cross among ancient folk, alt-rock, ethereal melodies, crunching dance beats, whispered confessionals, and full-throated, quirky pop. 18+.
Sun., Oct. 3, 7 p.m., 2010

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