Eduardo Kac: Natural History of the Enigma

To what extent should artists be able to manipulate species for their art? How do our reactions to this type of art play into other forms of biotechnology? These are some of the dialogues Eduardo Kac hopes to prompt with his "transgenic art," a groundbreaking art form in which new "species" are created through the transfer of genetic material from one living thing to another. In 2000, he sparked intense debate with his GFB Bunny, a rabbit he injected with jellyfish proteins. The result, Alba, glows an eerie green under black lights. An internationally known artist, Kac has been working with University of Minnesota scientist Neil Olszewski for the past three years to create a new life form. Together, they fused proteins from the artist's blood with a petunia. Playfully dubbed Edunia, the plant expresses its modification through its red veins. In addition to the plant, Kac has created a new permanent structure for the Weisman collection, a large, fiberglass and steel sculpture inspired by the plant.
April 17-June 21, 2009

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