Echo & the Bunnymen

Sept. 16
7:30 p.m.
Classic Rock, Rock

Though not as famous as fellow Englishmen the Cure or the Smiths, Echo & the Bunnymen had a lot to do with the evolution of ’80s rock and subsequent imitations of it. Over the course of their first four albums, they helped shape the post-punk genre with raw vocals and spiky guitars, not to mention a flair for classic psych-rock sounds that caught the ear of Doors keyboardist and eventual collaborator Ray Manzarek. Still, frontman Ian McCulloch & Co. don’t always get enough credit for their melodies, as songs like “Rescue,” “The Cutter,” and “Silver” disproved rock critic Robert Christgau’s claim that their music was initially “tuneless caterwaul.” Following their divisive lineup change ahead of 1990’s Reverberation (most notably, singer Noel Burke replaced McCulloch), they’ve found some strong results since McCulloch returned to the band. Nowadays, they’re officially a duo consisting of McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant, and their latest album, 2014’s Meteorites, might be their best since the turn of the millennium. Ester Drang opens.