When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for hippies to organize, the results can be powerful. Woodstock and the World Trade Organization riots are just a couple of examples of what can happen when the "long-hairs" congregate to promote love, power of the people, understanding, and that other crap that we're supposed to long for. Now they're at it again, this time on a global scale with Earthdance. War haters from Budapest, Hungary, to Cork City, Ireland; from Bandar Sunway, Malaysia, to Flint, Michigan, and right here in our own corner of the world, will join together at the same time on the same day to promote nonviolence. The basic premise is for people around the world to have a festival, uniting at the same moment in a peace prayer. At 4 p.m. Pacific time on Saturday, peace lovers in 60 nations will unite in the same prayer, which incorporates wildlife noises and, of course, new-age synth music. The Minneapolis Earthdance at Powderhorn Park will feature tons of live world music, an electronica stage, and the Illumination Fire Troupe will light up the event with fire dancing along with other performers. And though it's highly unlikely that Earthdance will bring about world peace, at least it will help a good cause, as proceeds from the Minneapolis Earthdance will benefit Sisters' Camelot, a charity that gives away free organic groceries to Twin Cities communities.
Sat., Sept. 13, 12-9 p.m., 2008

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