Dwight Slade

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8 p.m.
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Dwight Slade started in standup with his best friend Bill Hicks. Today, the Houston native calls Portland, Oregon, home, and is in what he calls a state of semi-retirement. “The scene in Portland is really healthy, as it is in Minneapolis,” he says. “I went down to an open mic here in Portland that was going for 20 years and was closing. And these young guys doing standup were brilliant. They rarely work the road, though, because it’s not economically feasible for them. But I was really energized by that, and am trying to do more open mics now.” Before the election, Slade did a tour of Canada. “My election jokes went over really well,” he notes. “But I had to refine it a bit for audiences in the States.” He compares election night to the Oswald assassination. “It just seemed to play out like that over the course of the evening, like it was happening in slow motion: ‘Oh…no….he’s…going…to…win!’” 18+.