Dudley Riggs

April 20
4 p.m.

Long before he founded comedy and improv hub Brave New Workshop, Dudley Riggs was indoctrinated into showbiz. You could even say he was born into it: His parents were circus performers, and incorporated the infant Riggs into their act because they didn’t have a babysitter. The intrepid youngster became a vaudeville performer, then a circus flier, experiences that would inform his third — and most illustrious — showbiz career as the creator of “instant theater” and the founder of the Brave New Workshop, the longest-running satirical theater in the country. When Riggs moved to Minneapolis, he recognized that “…what this town needed was good bread, espresso, and satire.” He succeeded in bringing all three to the skeptical, restrained Minnesota milieu. Riggs chronicles his creative evolution in his new book, Flying Funny: My Life Without a Net, which features a foreword from BNW alum and current U.S. Sen. Al Franken. This delightful memoir takes readers behind the scenes of circus life and into the mind of a man who forever changed the nature of nightlife in Minneapolis.