Dru Hill

Dec. 15
8 p.m.

Dru Hill’s return to Minnesota is ostensibly a 20th anniversary show, even though their first album came out in 1996—better late than never. That self-titled debut established the group members as some of the best pure singers in ’90s R&B, with skills and chemistry they’d developed by performing for customers while working at a Baltimore fudgery. After a run of hits, turmoil within the group and solo ventures followed, from Sisqo’s first two solo albums (with the first, Unleash the Dragon, featuring the deathless novelty hit “Thong Song”) to Woody Rock’s short-lived time on Kirk Franklin’s Gospocentric Records. The group released two albums in the past 15 years, both only moderately successful, then returned last month with their Christmas in Baltimore EP. Only loosely holiday-themed, it nearly functions as a full-on new DH record, with the group successfully incorporating Caribbean rhythms and trap-rap drums. With Suga Shane and DJ Dudley D.